Hello and welcome to Old Highway Notes.

I am a collector of music with eclectic tastes and a fondness for mixtapes and compilation albums. I also collect travel books and am interested in history and popular culture. I enjoy exploring the Internet and sharing my finds on the social web

One day I had an idea to make a playlist that traced a line on map. I would start with Route 66 in Chicago and I would add everything I could from my music collection that was relevant to each place along the map. I knew that this would be an enormous list of thousands of songs before I was done as the famous highway passed through so many musical hotspots such as Chicago, Texas and Los Angeles. I also knew that it would make for a great personal study project to look further into the backgrounds of the songs and artists that I was adding to my playlist.

Inspired, it occurred to me that I had visited thousands on music site and  thousands of travel sites and had not seen any collections like this assembled or reported on. I have since found a few similar sites, such as road trip sites that make mention of the music in the tape deck or music sites that focus on a certain city.Some history sites do a similar thing as well, but still I thought my project unique enough to chronicle on a blog. Old Highway Notes is that blog. I began with Route 66 and before long I began creating a few more playlists: Highway 101 up the West Coast of the Untied States and Interstate 95 running up the East Coast.

How I am building Old Highway Notes

My digital music collection consists of around  6000 albums. Utilizing the search feature, I began by searching for the road name itself. For example, I have about 8 distinct versions of the song Route 66. I will use them to act as dividers between sections of the narrative.

The next step will be to search songs and albums related to the state the road is passing through. Once I know how many songs I have in a state I will divide them into mini-sets to act as separators between the various the cities and way points along the route.

Next, I will search for the first city along the way. For some cities such as Chicago or LA, there will be a lot of  musical matches so we may spend quite while in those places. The random songs will then need to be rearranged into a palatable sets that flows nicely for the ear or tells a story.

We will also look at the points of interest, artists that came from the city, stories about the musical history of the city, some general background history about the places on the way and random songs by various artists about the location at hand.

I have a wide variety of musical tastes, I love history and touristy stuff. Along the way I want to tell you stories that can offer a little something of interest for everybody. I want you to leave Old Highway Notes with a satisfied mind full of quality edutainment. I have a mental picture of us exploring these famous routes together, except instead of driving a car we are using your browser. Whether you are driving a Mac or a PC and whether you are using Firefox, Chrome or whatever, I want us to have a good trip. My role is as navigator/tour guide. I'll work with the maps, get some music playing and tell you about some of the interesting sights and sounds along the way. Please join me, I need someone to ride "shotgun".

Let's "Hit The Road, Jack"...

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