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2014 The Year In Review

It is a cliche, but as the year winds to a close it is customary to take a look back and review the events that got us where we are today. Old Highway Notes covered some miles.
Chicago 13
January on Route 66.saw us starting to zero in on the city of Chicago. First we watched the Broadway musical Chicago. Then we looked into at the fusion rock band Chicago and featured their box set as a playlist addition.,
Tijuana/USA direction signs
Heading To The Border (Wikipedia)
On Highway 101, we had not really gotten underway heading North up the highway. We had concluded our Tijuana Day Trip in December that we had made before starting up the highway in earnest. Leaving Tijuana, we began our fictional border crossing which featured a wide swath of America related music and a fictitiously paranoid exchange with the Border Patrol that took up a few months postings.

Sepia toned piano keyboard
Before the Electric Guitar
Back in Chicago, we began to look int the musical history of the city that would lead to its signature sound of Chicago blues. A hot early jazz scene inspired a young Benny Goodman who would go on to be the king of swing. And while one jazz legend left the city, another jazz legend Sun Ra made the city of Chicago his home.

Interstate 95 Sheild

In February, a whole new chapter began on Old Highway Notes. A third route was added to the weekly rotation exploring that East Cost thoroughfare, Interstate 95. We looked at some Miami history and drove up Interstate 95 taking in the view by way of a number of dash cams,

Willie Dixon/Mississippi Blues Trail
Sign in Mississippi Remembering Willie Dixon
In Chicago again, the drive down Route 66 keeps getting delayed as the city has such a proud musical history to cover. Finally making it to Blues music, we listed to and learned about at the blues roots that lead up up to the development of the electric Chicago blues sound. We took the time to focus on Willie Dixon as a particularly key player in this era who also figured largely later when Electric Blues took off,

Tom Waits Marker Drawing
(Flickr user Griggzz/CC)
Meanwhile on Highway 101 we had finally completed our border crossing. It was time to move North on the Old Highway 101. We passed through San Ysidro, remembering a mass shooting that occurred there. Next we passed through Chula Vista, and looked at a modern amphitheater while remembering a notable Grateful Dead concert from before it was built. Next came National City and its Mile of Cars, as well as its Napoleones Pizza, a place that figured heavily in Tom Waits life.

1968 Miami Pop Festival Poster
Source: Poster Mania
Still lingering in Miami on Interstate 95, by April we were looking at a few key musical events from the 1960's. First the story of the 2 International Pop Festivals in 1968 and Jimi Hendrix's breakout performance at the first of these. Jim Morrison's well known indecency arrest also occurred from Miami and we looked into that as well. The it was time to leave Miami and we started driving North to West Palm Beach.

Muddy Waters Drawing
Muddy Waters (Wikimedia Commons)
By late May we had worked our way through Jazz and Acoustic Blues in Chicago and we were ready to begin an in depth look into the life and career of Muddy Waters which would continue over the next few months.

Hasta La Bahia Coronado bridge Support Chicano Park San Diego CA
Highway 101 was also about to hit a bit of slowdown as we entered San Diego in early June. being a large city it will have much to offer before we pass through. First we looked the cities history and strong tradition as a US naval base. Then we looked at the cities impact on the Chicano movement by looking at Barrio Logan and the history of Chicano Park.

1913 Chicago Nationals Fatima Cigarette trading card
The 1913 Chicago Cubs brought Spring Training back to Florida. (WikimediaCommons)
The middle of June saw us begin an ongoing series of visiting Spring Training ballparks that are found up the Interstate 95 corridor in Florida.

Petco Park Panorama
Beautiful Views are a highlight of Petco Park (Flickr/cc)
Finally, we entered August exploring a part of San Diego that many visitors never really get outside of. the San Diego Convention Center, Seaport Village, and Petco Field all line the route that was the old Highway 101.

Guitar birthday card
(Flickr User Zeitgeist/CC)

By August we celebrated one year of Old Highway Notes. Several blog maintenance issues and newbie errors I had made in setting up the blog caused me to take the month off to work on improving the user experience. I hope you find it easier to navigate the site now,

Jungle Cruise at Trapper Nelsons camp circa 1950's
Jungle Cruise at Trapper Nelsons camp circa 1950's (Flickr User Beth Scupham/CC)
With Labor Day, vacation ended and we came back to continue looking Spring Training baseball fields with a stop at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida.Jupiter would prove to be an interesting stop. There we found a battlefield from the Seminole wars, a lighthouse, canoeing and the story of a recluse who lived like a wild man and started a zoo.
Howlin' Wolf Pencil Drawing
Howlin' Wolf (DeviantArt User FrelsAreN/CC)
In Chicago, the story of Muddy waters was not over and so it continued into October, before we the story of  Muddy Water's rival Howlin' Wolf ended the month.
                              San Diego Santa Fe Depot  
               An inviting station welcomes rail travelers to San Diego (Wikimedia commons)
In San Diego, Old Highway 101 took us past the train station, the airport and rental car lots. Planes Trains and Automobiles inspired a playlist theme that included a look at the John Denver song Leaving on a Jet Plane as covered by San Diego band Slightly Stoopid. Ultimately the old Highway led us to the site of Old Town San Diego in mid October.
Old Town San Diego Bus Stop and Entry Sign
(Flickr User Margaret Hill/CC)
It was in Old Town San Diego that we looked at the Ghost story of the Whaley House, celebrated the Mexican holiday Dia De Las Muertas, and visited some old homes

                                      Chicago Fire Inforgraphic
On Route 66, in November, a guest poster contributed an infographic and article covering the history of the Great Chicago Fire that was accompanied by a fire themed playlist.

Jimmy Buffett Christmas Island
After Thanksgiving, on Interstate 95, it was time to leave Jupiter, Florida. Hitting the Interstate we drove North to Port St. Lucie, Florida. Arriving during the Christmas season we took in what the city had to offer online in the way of Christmas cheer. We also took a listen to Jimmy Buffett's Christmas Island, getting us in the mood for the holidays.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Book
(Wikimedia Commons)
On Route 66 we went back into Chicago history where were surprised to find that Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer born in that city. We looked into his story from book to song, from song to TV, from TV to movies, worldwide fame and a special place in Portland's heart.

2012 Parade of Boats San Diego CA
 (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)
A tour of San Diego at Christmas ended the holiday season on the old Highway 101. After visiting several Old Town and attending Las Posadas. We enjoyed several other holiday displays in San Diego area before we watched the Christmas Parade of Boats go sailing by.

Playlist Additions

Writing this blog, I a have enjoyed revisiting old favorites and finding new music along the way. Much of the early Chicago Jazz I shared with you was new to me as well. Along the way I found some holes in my personal music collection. Slowly I have been filling those holes.

Route 66. In January, when I blogged about the band Chicago, there were a few albums I did not yet have. Filling that hole a bit I acquired their first album, Chicago Transit Authority. I also picked up a greatest hits package that is a bit easier than the six disc set I featured last January.

Album: Chicago Transit Authority  Chicago

  • Introduction 6:35  
  • Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 4:36  
  • Beginnings 7:54  
  • Questions 67 And 68 5:02  
  • Listen 3:21  
  • Poem 58 8:37  
  • Free Form Guitar 6:47  
  • South California Purples 6:11  
  • I'm A Man 7:39  
  • Prologue, August 29, 1968 0:57  
  • Someday (August 29, 1968) 4:13  
  • Liberation 14:38  

Album: The Very Best Of: Only The Beginning Chicago

Volume 1
  • Make Me Smile (New Edit) 4:25  
  • 25 Or 6 To 4 4:49  
  • Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 3:19  
  • Beginnings 6:27  
  • Questions 67 And 68 4:52  
  • I'm A Man (New Edit) 5:43  
  • Colour My World 3:01  
  • Free 2:16  
  • Lowdown 3:34  
  • Saturday In The Park 3:55  
  • Dialogue (Part I & II) (Single Version) 5:01  
  • Just You 'N' Me 3:42  
  • Feelin' Stronger Every Day 4:14  
  • (I've Been) Searchin' So Long 4:28  
  • Wishing You Were Here 4:35  
  • Call On Me 4:03  
  • Happy Man (Edit from 1981's Greatest Hits, Volume II) 3:16  
  • Another Rainy Day In New York City 3:01  
  • If You Leave Me Now 3:56  
Volume 2
  • Old Days 3:30  
  • Baby What A Big Surprise 3:05  
  • Take Me Back To Chicago (Single Version) 2:58  
  • Alive Again 4:05  
  • No Tell Lover 4:14  
  • Love Me Tomorrow (Single Version) 3:59  
  • Hard To Say I'm Sorry/Get Away 5:06  
  • Stay The Night 3:49  
  • Hard Habit To Break 4:44  
  • You're The Inspiration 3:50  
  • Along Comes A Woman (Single Version) 3:48  
  • Will You Still Love Me? (Single Version) 4:13  
  • If She Would Have Been Faithful... 3:52  
  • Look Away (Single Version) 4:01  
  • What Kind Of Man Would I Be? (Single Version) 4:14  
  • I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love 3:57  
  • We Can Last Forever (Single Version) 3:45  
  • You're Not Alone (Single Version) 4:00  
  • Chasin' The Wind 4:18  
  • Sing, Sing, Sing (w/ The Gypsy Kings) 3:20  

A bigger embarrassment to me than a lack of Chicago albums is the lack of Louis Armstrong music I had from early in his career. To remedy that I got my hands on The Okeh, Columbia & Victor Recordings 1925-1933. It's a pretty complete collection spanning ten discs. I think that does a pretty good job of filling in the gap. Not surprisingly,I could not find the complete set as a video playlist, but I did find a recording of his Hot Fives and Sevens from that era for you to enjoy.

Album: The Okeh, Columbia & Victor Recordings 1925-1933 (Box Set) Louis Armstrong

The Hot Fives, Volume I
  • My Heart 2:31
  • (YES!) I'm in the Barrel 2:46
  • Gut Bucket Blues 2:51
  • Come Back, Sweet Papa 2:34
  • Georgia Grind 2:40
  • Heebie Jeebies 3:04
  • Cornet Chop Suey 3:07
  • Oriental Strut 3:11
  • You're Next 3:26
  • Muskrat Ramble 2:40
  • Don't Forget to Mess Around 3:16
  • I'm Gonna Gitcha 2:56
  • Droppin' Shucks 3:06
  • Who' Sit 2:58
  • King of the Zulus 3:16
  • Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa 3:06
The Hot Five and Hot Sevens, Volume II
  • Lonesome Blues 3:15
  • Sweet Little Papa 2:53
  • Jazz Lips 3:12
  • Skid-Dat-De-Dat 3:16
  • Big Butter and Egg Man 3:11
  • Sunset Cafe Stomp 2:56
  • You Made Me Love You 3:02
  • Irish Black Bottom 2:50
  • Willie the Weeper 3:13
  • Wild Man Blues 3:17
  • Alligator Crawl 3:08
  • Potato Head Blues 3:01
  • Melancholy 3:08
  • Weary Blues 3:06
  • Twelfth Street Rag 3:10
  • Keyhole Blues 3:31
The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens Volume III
  • S.O.L. Blues 3:00
  • Gully Low Blues 3:24
  • That's When I'll Come Back To You 3:04
  • Put 'Em Down Blues 3:13
  • Ory's Creole Trombone 3:11
  • The Last Time 3:27
  • Struttin' With Some Barbecue 3:02
  • Got No Blues 3:22
  • Once In A While 3:16
  • I'm Not Rough 3:01
  • Hotter Than That 3:03
  • Savoy Blues 3:30
  • Fireworks 3:05
  • Skip The Gutter 3:09
  • A Monday Date 3:14
  • Don't Jive Me 2:47
Louis Armstrong And Earl Hines Volume IV
  • Chicago Breakdown 3:26
  • Symphonic Raps 3:12
  • Savoyager's Stomp 3:11
  • West End Blues 3:17
  • Sugar Foot Strut 3:20
  • Two Deuces 2:55
  • Squeeze Me 3:23
  • Knee Drops 3:24
  • No (Papa,No) 2:55
  • Basin Street Blues 3:16
  • No One Else But You 3:25
  • Beau Koo Jack 3:04
  • Save It, Pretty Mama 3:21
  • Weather Bird (Rag) 2:44
  • Muggles 2:51
  • Here Me Talkin' To Ya 3:24
  • St. James' Infirmary 3:20
  • Tight Like This 3:16
Louis In New York Volume V
  • Knockin' A Jug 3:26
  • I Can't Give You Anything But Love 3:34
  • Mahogany Hall Stomp 3:26
  • S'posin' 3:17
  • To Be In Love 3:08
  • Funny Feathers 3:17
  • How Do You Do It That Way? 3:20
  • Ain't Misbehavin' 3:24
  • Black And Blue 3:09
  • That Rhythm Man 3:11
  • Sweet Savannah Sue 3:14
  • Ain't Misbehavin' (2) 3:08
  • Some Of These Days 3:14
  • Some Of These Days (2) 3:00
  • When You're Smiling 3:31
  • When You're Smiling (2) 2:59
  • After You've Gone 3:23
  • After You've Gone (2) 3:19
  • After You've Gone (2) (2) 3:18
St. Louis Blues Volume VI
  • I Ain't Got Nobody 2:47
  • I Ain't Got Nobody 3:00
  • Dallas Blues 3:17
  • Dallas Blues 3:17
  • St. Louis Blues 3:03
  • St. Louis Blues 3:01
  • St. Louis Blues 2:59
  • Rockin' Chair 3:23
  • Song of the Islands 3:31
  • Bessie Couldn't Help It 3:24
  • Blue, Turning Grey Over You 3:31
  • Dear Old Southland 3:19
  • My Sweet 3:23
  • I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 3:11
  • Indian Cradle Song 3:02
  • Exactly Like You Did 3:32
  • Dinah 3:20
  • Tiger Rag 3:12
  • I'm a Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas) 3:09
  • I'm in the Market for You 3:16
  • I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) 3:23
  • If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight 3:38
  • Body and Soul 3:16
You're Driving Me Crazy Volume VII
  • Memories Of You 3:12
  • You're Lucky To Me 3:25
  • Sweethearts On Parade 3:16
  • You're Driving Me Crazy 3:07
  • You're Driving Me Crazy (2) 3:11
  • The Peanut Vendor 3:29
  • Just A Gigolo 3:19
  • Shine 3:22
  • Walkin' My Baby Back Home 3:05
  • I Surrender Dear 3:09
  • When It's Sleepytime Down South 3:22
  • Blue Again 3:14
  • Little Joe 3:13
  • I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You 3:15
  • Them There Eyes 3:07
  • When Your Lover Has Gone 3:10
  • Lazy River 3:06
  • Chinatown, My Chinatown 3:15
Stardust Volume VIII
  • Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams 3:32
  • Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams 3:17
  • Star Dust 3:37
  • Star Dust 3:30
  • You Can Depend on Me 3:19
  • Georgia on My Mind 3:20
  • The Lonesome Road 3:32
  • I Got Rhythm 3:06
  • Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea 3:02
  • Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea 3:21
  • Kickin' the Gong Around 3:14
  • Home 3:05
  • All of Me 2:59
  • Love, You Funny Thing 3:42
  • The New Tiger Rag 3:24
  • Keepin' out of Mischief Now 3:32
  • Love, You Funny Thing 3:24
The Complete RCA Victor Recordings Volume IX
  • That's My Home 3:13
  • Hobo, You Can't Ride This Train 3:04
  • I Hate to Leave You Now 3:14
  • You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born 3:20
  • Medley of Armstrong Hits -- part 1 4:26
  • Medley of Armstrong Hits -- part 2 4:37
  • I've Got the World on a String 3:16
  • I Got a Right to Sing the Blues 3:01
  • Hustlin' and Bustlin' for Baby 3:08
  • Sittin' in the Dark 3:02
  • High Society 3:25
  • He's a Son of the South 2:40
  • Some Sweet Day 3:01
  • Basin Street Blues 3:26
  • Honey, Do 2:38
  • Snowball 3:13
  • Mahogany Hall Stomp 2:36
  • Swing, You Cats 2:37
The Complete RCA Victor Recordings Volume X
  • Honey, Don't You Love Me Anymore? 3:02
  • Mississippi Basin 3:07
  • Laughin' Louie 3:29
  • Tomorrow Night 3:19
  • Dusky Stevedore 2:56
  • There's A Cabin In The Pines 3:18
  • Mighty River 2:43
  • Sweet Sue, Just You 2:46
  • I Wonder Who 3:08
  • St. Louis Blues 2:43
  • Don't Play Me Cheap 3:00
  • That's My Home (Alternate Take) 3:14
  • Hobo, You Can't Ride This Train (Alternate Take) 3:01
  • I Hate To Leave You Now (Alternate Take) 3:12
  • You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born (Alternate Take) 3:26
  • Medley Of Armstrong Hits - Pt. 2 (Alternate Take) 4:28
  • Mississippi Basin (Alternate Take) 3:13
  • Laughin' Louie (Alternate Take) 3:25
  • Tomorrow Night (Alternate Take) 3:21
  • Blue Yodel No. 9 2:38

Finally, we pick up some pieces from Tom Waits early career, where his time working at Napoleones Pizza, in National City, had the biggest influence on his songs.

Album: Used Songs 1973-1980 Tom Waits

  • Heartattack And Vine 4:46
  • Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac with Susan Michelson) 4:25
  • A Sight For Sore Eyes 4:43
  • Whistlin' Past The Graveyard 3:18
  • Burma Shave 6:35
  • Step Right Up 5:42
  • Ol' 55 4:00
  • I Never Talk To Strangers (with Bette Midler) 3:40
  • Mr. Siegal 5:16
  • Jersey Girl 5:12
  • Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis 4:34
  • Blue Valentines 5:53
  • (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night 3:53
  • Muriel 3:36
  • Wrong Side Of The Road 5:16
  • Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen) 6:35

Signing Off and Coming Attractions

Thank You Road Sign
(Flickr User Avard Woolaver/CC)
Its been a great year and I would like to thank you all for sharing it with me. I am looking forward to a story filled 2015 and hope you can stick along for the ride.

Next Week: ChicagoIllinois, the start of Route 66, remains our focus. We'll start tom look at a film that has been called a "love letter to the City of Chicago", The Blues Brothers.
Two Weeks:  The old Highway 101 passes Old Town in San DiegoCalifornia. We'll visit the commercial and civic sites in the historic area.
Three Weeks: Interstate 95 in Florida will wait as we look a bit more at Port St Lucie. We'll visit a ballpark as part of my Spring Training series, we'll take a look at how mother nature has battered the city, and then we get down and dirty as we will go four wheeling at the Port St. Lucie MudJam.

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    Saturday, December 20, 2014

    Old Town And San Diego At Christmas/Old Town San Diego Pt.4

    Christmas in San Diego at Dusk (Flickr User Thomas Galvez/CC)
    Old Town San Diego was composed of an upscale class of Mexican landowners mixed with Yankee businessmen as well as Native Americans who worked the Mission's land. At Christmas the city would have a variety of generally private celebrations.

    Today during Christmas time you can watch an interactive version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol in a house with real ghosts. The show is performed at the Whaley House during the season. Old Town also celebrates with a shopping extravaganza called Fiesta Navidad. A video from YouTube user travelsandtransitions show a bit of how Old Town looks during the holiday season.

    A more traditional event is held in Old Town as well. For 64 years, an annual procession called Las Posadas is held by the merchants of Old Town to remember the Christmas celebrations in the old pueblo.
    Feliz Navidad (Flickr User Prayitno / Thank you for (4 millions +) views/CC)
    Fiesta De Reyes Las Posadas Promotion (labeled for reuse by Google courtesy of Fiesta De Reyes)

    Traditionally Las Posadas is Mexican Christmas event that celebrates the biblical story of Mary and Josephs Journey to Bethlehem. For nine nights the events are recreated with people dressing up as Mary and Joseph. Mary rides a donkey visiting various "inns" which are represented by homes from the community The a large candle lit procession follows them. Musicans in the procession play music and carols are sung. At a chosen home the residents sing a song and welcome in the Holy Family. A prayer is said around the Nativity scene, Then more caroling and a Piñata filled with candies is broken open to the delight of the children.

    Here are some images and a video from previous years:

    The Holy Family (Flickr User phoenixar/CC)

    Las Posadas at Dusk (Flickr User phoenixar/CC)

    Caroling at Las Posadas In Old Town San Diego  (Flickr User phoenixar/CC)

    Near Old Town the Amtrack Surfliner makes a stop. In the distance we can hear the trains whistle blowing out Jingle Bells in full holiday cheer.

    Things are going to get a bit scattered now as we leave Old Town and blitz tour San Diego Christmas fun, consider it the Christmas Rush. Here is a quick spin on the Holly Jolly Holiday Tour followed by another tour offered by YouTube user hernholmgroup.

    Like many cities, San Diego has a Candy Cane Lane street of houses that are lit up like freaking holiday wonderlands. We take a walk down the street. Sorry for the amateur quality.

    San Diego means water to many people. In addition to the Naval Base, San Diego is famous for being the home of Sea World. The park has its own holiday festival, Snow World at Sea World. Here is promo clip,

    The Parade of Boats really summarizes San Diego's yacht lifestyle. With the relatively warm California evenings, folks line the shore to watch the San Diego fleet of Christmas Ships as they parade by. Here are some images and a video from previous years parades. The pictures are from 2012 and the video is from 2010. We'll take our bleacher seats in the Port of San Diego.

    2012 San Diego Bay Parade of Lights (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)

     (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)

     (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)

     (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)

     (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)

     (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)
     (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)

     (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)

     (Flickr User Port of San Diego/CC)

    There is plenty more to see around Christmas in San Diego, hopefully this has given you a little taste of the season in Southern California.

    Playlist Additions

    Before we begin, here is a fun San Diego Christmas song I did not have in my collection.

    Since we begin today's post in Old Town, which was a Mexican town even before it was an American one, our first addition is an album of Latin Christmas carols. It's a free download from Amazon that you can get by visiting my gift shop page for this post.

    Album: Fiestas Navidenas Various Artists

    • Melodias Navidenas Tony De La Rosa 2:44
    • Carta Santa Claus Linda Escobar 2:47
    • Jingle Bells Polka Los Hermanos Ayala 2:02
    • Mi Negra Navidad Los Gavilanes 2:17
    • Hoy Conjunto Bernal 2:47
    • Auld Lang Syne Tony De La Rosa 2:18
    • Un Ano Mas De Carino Beatrice Llamas 3:17
    • Navidad Polka Los Hermanos Ayala 2:03
    • Gracias A Dios Eligio Escobar 2:12
    • Pastorcillos Linda Escobar 1:48

    From there I pulled a few other Mexican carols from my library, Portland's Trail Band break from their usual Americana style to provide us with three Mexican folk songs. Following them, we have a song from Scott Kritzer. He is another Portland artist, who was a guest of the Trail Band at their annual Christmas concert a few years ago. Unfortunately, I could not find any YouTube videos to share of either the Trail Band or Scott Kritzer. so if you want to hear them you might need to download them. Our last track is a bit of a variation on the Latin theme with Celia Cruz performing a Christmas mambo. It works as a bridge to our next group of additions.
    • Aleluya P'urepecha Peace On Earth The Trail Band 3:25
    • Faltan Cinco Pa' Las Doce Peace On Earth The Trail Band 2:54
    • El Rorro Making Spirits Bright The Trail Band 2:01
    • Villancico De Navidad (Christmas Carol) A Classical Guitar Christmas Scott Kritzer 2:28
    • El Cha Cha Cha De La Navidad Mambo Santa Mambo: Christmas From The Latin Lounge Celia Cruz 2:30

    Next up, we send up a very American salute to the city that lives in San Diego's shadow, or vice versa, Tijuana.  Last year we talked aboput Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. We also talked about imitators to the Herb Alpert sound. Our next addition is an album from one of those knock off imitators. I give you Tijuana Christmas by the Border Brass.

    Album:Tijuana Christmas Border Brass

    • We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    • God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
    • What Child Is This
    • Deck The Halls
    • Jingle Bells
    • Tijuana Christmas
    • Jolly Old St Nicholas
    • Christmas Bells
    • The First Noel
    • Silent Night

    With so many Mexican, and Mexican inspired songs added to our playlist this week, I really need to include the most obvious Mexican Christmas song to most Americans: Feliz Navidad. I have a variety of versions and styles from the classic José Feliciano to a La Bamba mash up by Los Straitjackets, to a groovy blues by Los Lonely Boys, Freddy McGregor puts a Jamaican reggae spin on the number before a more modern Dj tOp dOg bringss his own dub style to the song
    • Feliz Navidad José Feliciano 3:05
    • Feliz Navidad 'Tis The Season For Los Straitjackets Los Straitjackets 3:10
    • Feliz Navidad Christmas Spirit Los Lonely Boys 2:28
    • Feliz Navidad Trojan Christmas Box Set Freddie McGregor 4:31
    • Feliz Navidad 2012 Wild Xmas With Bomarr, Vol. 7 Dj tOp dOg 4:29 LINK

    In addition to Old Town, this post featured a trip to the Parade Of Boats. To celebrate that we have a collection of versions of the tradional and nautically themed carol, I Saw Three Ships., First, Bing Crosby croons his was through a medley of carols that ends with I Saw Three Ships. Eric Rigler provides a Celtic version before ex-Byrd Roger Mc Guinn shares an acoustic folk rendition . McGuinn's Folk Den blog that has a wide variety of Christmas and other folk songs available for free download.

    After Mc Guinn, the Barenaked Ladies give a stridently folky take on the carol, The Trail Band, The Pioneer Brass and De Organographia follow with fairly traditional interpretations. None of those last three recordings had relevant video to share.
    • Christmas Carols: Deck The Halls/Away In A Manger/I Saw Three Ships Bing Crosby Sings Christmas Songs Bing Crosby 3:28
    • I Saw Three Ships Traditional Celtic Christmas Eric Rigler 3:55
    • I Saw Three Ships Folk Den Roger McGuinn 2:05 LINK
    • I Saw Three Ships Barenaked For The Holidays Barenaked Ladies 1:07
    • I Saw Three Ships Christmas with The Trail Band The Trail Band 2:10
    • I Saw Three Ships A Pioneer Brass Christmas The Pioneer Brass 1:56
    • I Saw Three Ships The One Horse Open Sleigh De Organographia 1:29

    Signing Off and Coming Attractions

    With less than a week to go before Christmas arrives, this will be the last Christmas themed post for the year. I hope you enjoyed hearing about How they do Christmas in San Diego. If you are a San Diegan and think I should have been talking about some other Christamas event, please let me know in the comments. From Portland, I can have a limited view and its always good to hear from "boots on the ground".. I hope you have a Christmas full of joy and good cheer. God bless us everyone!

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    Three Weeks: The Chicago, Illinois origins of Route 66 have kept us mired in The cities rich musical history, The trend continues as we look at a classic film that both pays tribute and parodies the cities blues heritage,

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