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How all of this Works

This is the complete playlist for Route 101. It will continue to be added to until we have completed our virtual journey up the highway. The list is divided by post titles. The individual tracks are all numbered by their placement on the master list. I have tried to include links where ever possible to where you can get the music. The iTunes link before the the sing title, album title, or artist name will lead to that link in iTunes. The text link will be to the amazon mp3 store where ever possible. If the track/album/artist is not available on mp3 I will link to their regular CD releases. In the event that the media was obtained elsewhere, such as archive or another blog, I will use that link. Some material is unlinkable. I hope you find this list to be a helpful way of finding some great music.

Highway 101 Page 7
Highway 101 Page 8

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