Whether you are driving a Mac or a PC and whether you are using Firefox, Chrome or whatever, I want us to have a good trip. My role is as navigator/tour guide. I'll work with the maps, get some music playing and tell you about some of the interesting sights and sounds along the way.I have also created a number of off ramps you can use to further explore the subjects we talk about here. 

As the navigator, I want to spark your imagination and maybe some conversation, I love it when I hear from a reader commenting on a post. It helps me to gauge what is working and what is not so that I can hone my craft and offer you a more compelling adventure. I want to hear your comments. You can leave a comment in the form below or if you have an experience related to the artist or place being discussed I beg you to share it in the comments field at the bottom of each post. It makes for a more complete story for those who follow, and it helps my creativity as well.  Whether you leave a comment or not, I do appreciate your reading.

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Sparks Plugs: A Few Words About Social Media

Many of you heard about this blog because of one or another social media services. There are several I use regularly. Here is a little more information about each of them. I hope I can "Spark" conversation on each of these formats. That's right, we want to "Plug" building a community of music and travel fans. These are our "Spark Plugs":

Old Highway Notes Subscriptiom FormSubscribe.The BEST way to make sure you don't miss a Note. At the bottom of each post there is a window you can use to subscribe. Simply type your email address into the form window and when a new post is put up it will be sent to you in an easy to read email. There is no cost, no obligation and you can cancel at any time.
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Old Highway Notes Facebook Group  Facebook. On Facebook, I mostly do what most people do with Facebook. I hang out with family and close friends. Since Facebook is so huge, I did create a community page there. Of course, because it Facebook, you probably wont easily see everything posted there. I guess that would be like riding in a rumble seat. You will get a lot of the view and you might be able to hear a little about what we are talking about, but isn't like riding inside the sedan. Still, each week new posts are announced there and some research links I find get posted there as well. It is a wide open space and ready for development. If you use Facebook and like this blog, stop on by and join my community at Lets be friends!

Old Highway Notes Twitter Feed

Twitter. Twitter to me is like billboards on the highway. Lots of useful information come up there, but it I have yet to find it to be as social as it is made out to be. Regardless, I announce new posts thee and also entertain my other personal interests there as well You can follow me there at

Old Highway Notes Pinterest BoardPinterest. I am a photo fan. As such I enjoy playing around with Pinterest. This blog has its own board that features images and videos used here. It can be found at >if you are on Pinterest stop by and follow the board. If you would like to see everything I put on Pinterest I am always looking for followers as well as other user to follow.

Old Highway Notes Google+ CommunityGoogle+. I have been working lately at trying to get more involved with Google+. Like so many Google things, It has a tendency to over customize and be a little pushy. However, their are some great established music and travel communities there that  have been exploring lately. The Old Highway Notes community can be found at:

Tumblr. Truthfully, I don't spend a lot of time on Tumblr but I do have a Tumblog for Old Highway Notes  that posts updates. It can be found here:

Old Highway Notes You Tube PlaylistsYouTube.  I obviously use You Tube a lot. Each Highway has its own playlist of all the videos shared in the blog. Many of my blog posts use smaller album length playlists or mini sets. These can all be found on my YouTube page as well. Its a great place to Watch and HEAR some Old Highway Notes. at

Old Highway Notes RSSRSS If you like to follow your blogs using an RSS reader such as Feedly, ore feed can be found at

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