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Border Curios Part 1

Curio Shopping
Classic Curio Shop
This is part of a multi-part post: Tijuana Day Trip

    Hello again my friends! Today we start to wrap up our musical visit to Tijuana with a musical visit to the curios shop. A curios shop is a fixture of the Tijuana tourist district. Basically a souvenir shop, curio shops carry everything from acoustic guitars to zebra striped paper mache animal figures, from ponchos, blankets, and sombreros to day of the dead masks and taxidermied frogs arranged as mariachi bands. You never know what you will find and that is part of the fun.

    My collection of curios I offer you today as added to the set list are a random assortment of songs about Mexico, Tijuana, Baja and the border that didn't fit in neatly with my other posts. I tried to arrange them into  a rough narrative of a Tijuana visit gone wrong, while maintaining as listenable flow as i could since the set cross a fair number of musical genres. Bartering is a traditional custom in a curios shop, so take what interests you and leave the rest.

    To start our set we have a mini-set from a bunch of singing cowboys and cowgirls. The first of these is one of my favorite old time singing cowboys, Gene Autry. He sang many songs about Mexico and he will both start and end the curios set.
    • Trail To Mexico     The Gene Autry Show-The Complete 1950's Television Recordings    Gene Autry     1:05
    • Across The Border     Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions     Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris   6:19
    • Gringo Honeymoon     No. 2 Live Dinner     Robert Earl Keen, Jr.     5:04

    This is a different live version of Gringo Honeymoon but a good one...

    • South Of The Border     Under Western Skies    Marty Robbins     2:15

    The song "south Of The Border" allows us to turn a corner as I also have an easy listening version of the song from Werner Muller and his Orchestra. After that, Coplands El Salon Mexico seemed to fit.
    • South Of The Border     Stereo Music Parade In Phase4     Werner Müller & his Orchestra     2:29 
    The link to "South of the Border" is from a different release of the song by the same artist.And the video is from a re release compilation.

    •  El Salón México     Copland: Billy The Kid, Organ Symphony, Etc,    Leonard Slatkin: BBC Symphony Orchestra     12:03
    The Copland album is not available on mp3. No video was available that I could find of this particular performance. I was however able to find a nice performance by the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra.

    After that beautiful piece I didn't know where to go so I decided to turn on the Mexican Radio. I have two versions: the original Wall of Voodoo hit and a rewrite by El Vez, the Mexican Elvis.

    • Mexican Radio     Call of the West     Wall of Voodoo     4:11
    Here is a vintage clip of Wall of Voodoo performing the song in the 80's.

    • Mexican Radio     Graciasland     El Vez     4:12
    A little more about El Vez:

    As promised, we get a little more Gene Autry as the fiesta begins.
    • Under Fiesta Stars     The Gene Autry Show-The Complete 1950's Television Recordings     Gene Autry     1:57
    • Under Fiesta Stars 2     The Gene Autry Show-The Complete 1950's Television Recordings    Gene Autry     1:36
    The party continues, strangely, with an Irish twist as the Pogues take the stage.
    • Fiesta     If I Should Fall From Grace With God    The Pogues     4:13

    When you are in a border town, sometimes the characters at the party might be a little shady.
    • Banditos     Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy     Refreshments     4:17

    • I Felt Like A Gringo     The Stone - San Francisco, CA 12-1-84     Minutemen     3:42
    As far as I know this show is not an official release. You can download it HERE. And this clip is from a show one year later at the same venue.

    • Tijuana Must Fall [Catholic Discipline "Babylon Must Fall"]     The Recline of Mexican Civilization    Manic Hispanic     3:24
    The original "Babylon Must Fall" by Catholic Discipline is covered in Manic Hispanics reworking of the song.

    This trip has gotten a bit hectic. I think it might be a good time to settle down for a while and chill out until next Sunday when the curio assortment continues as we wind up our visit to Tijuana Mexico of old Highway 101. Meanwhile on Saturday we should be almost done with with Sufjan Stevens Illinois after which we will begin to explore Chicago. Join us for more music, stories and adventure won't you?

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