Saturday, March 22, 2014

I-95 Through the Windscreen

I-95/I195 North Junction
We Are Moving Now!
Hello and welcome back to Old Highway Notes. We are back in Florida exploring Miami on Interstate 95 as we head north. I had originally intended to take a little journey back in time and talk about a few big deal events in rock music history that happened in Miami in the 1960's. I got distracted though, as the internet will sometimes do. So I will leave that as tease for an upcoming post.

As I was looking at Youtube I found a variety of clips that people had posted of driving through Miami on I-95 North. To give us a sense of of our journey, I thought I would share them here.

The first video I found has a techno back track and is a pretty hypnotic experience if viewed on full screen. Drawback, perhaps, is that is awfully long.

To address the problem of clip length, this YouTube editor went with a time-lapse approach. This time with a sort of disco backing track.

This editor steps it up another couple of notches. Of course, the cheesy techno background music continues the theme, that must practically be a requirement for dashboard video footage. In this clip the filming was done as dusk descended making for dramatic lighting and skyscapes. The editor was also thoughtful enough to caption the shots with route notes and trivia so that you know where you are driving. Very well done.

If you don't want the background music, you can watch out of the windscreen of BigRig Travels as he motors up 95. Since it a truck it is slower, and he doesn't add a soundtrack so what you get is the rumble of the road mostly. Its more raw but also more authentic. Hey, I'm just giving you options here!

Here are some pictures from the Miami of the past. Nice jazzy Background music on this one.

And we leave you this week with a little promotional clip from the City Of Miami telling us how swell they are.

Thanks for joining us for this weeks Old Highway Notes. Next week we return to Chicago and Route 66 to look at some more blues artists. Join us 2 weeks when we Continue our drive up Old Highway 101, south of San Diego. Then in just 3 short weeks we will be back in Miami with some rock and roll history. Join us won't you? And if you know someone who would like my spin on music and history, please share a link to this post. If you would like to get future posts sent to you as a convenient email, just fill in your email adress at the top of the page to subscribe. Until we meet again, travel safe and watch out for speed traps.

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