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Four Old Town Homes/Old Town San Diego Pt.3

Happy Thanksgiving! 

This Thanksgiving season I am thankful that places like Old Town San Diego exist to preserve our roots and connect us with those who built this world we now enjoy. Another thing I am thankful for is music. It is my first and truest love. I am thankful for my family, my friends, and you my readers. Now back to our story...

(Flickr User Margaret Hill/CC)
After the excitement of exploring the Whaley House and the festivities of Dia de Los Muertas, its time to spend a little more time exploring Old Town San Diego.  Lets take a look around at some of the houses.

Casa De Carillo

On the edge of Old Town is the Presidio Hills Golf Course. Perhaps sadly, this the site of the earliest adobe home built in California. I say sadly because now it serves as the Pro Shop for the Presidio Hills Golf Course and likely does not get the respect it deserves for its place in history. The home, the Casa De Carillo was once a part of a much larger hacienda, the Ruiz Adobe. In its time Ruiz Adobe had large large lush gardens that featured pear, pomegranate and olive trees. Today that is all gone except for the Casa De Carillo.

Casa De Carillo (Google View)

Casa de Machado y Silva

Another Old Town house from the early days is the Casa de Machado y Silva. The home was built in the early 1840's as a wedding gift from a father, José Manuel Machado to his daughter Maria Antonia, and her husband, José Antonio Nicasio Silvas. It was a fairly small home on the edge of the plaza.

In the early 1850's the family opened the building up to the public as the Commercial Restaurant, one of the earliest restaurants in the city. The building stayed in the families hand for the next 100 years as it was home, in addition to the restaurant, to a church and a saloon, souvenir gift shop and an art studio. In 1968 the Sate of California purchased the home and added it to its collection of sites in Old Town San Diego State Park. It houses a small non-staffed historical museum,.
Casa de Machado y Silva (Flickr User Ken Lund/CC)

Casa de Machado y Stewart 

José Manuel Machado built another Old Town house. It was a small adobe house he built in the 1830's. In 1945 when his youngest daughter Rosie married in 1845.Jack Stewart, a native of Maine. Machado gave the house effectively moving them in with his family. 

The house was occupied by members of the Stewart family until 1966 when it was sold to the state of California. It has some of the nicer gardens in Old Town.

Casa de Machado y Stewart (Wikimedia Commons/CC)

Casa de Pedrorena

Another small house, now museum is the Casa de Pedrorena, built in 1869 in the usual Southern California adobe style it Incorporated a more Yankee-style front porch that in its way symbolizes the merging of two cultures that made up Old Town San Diego, It changed hands numerous times over the year before the state of California purchased the property and restored it in 1996.

Casa de Pedrorena (Wikiemedia Coons/CC)
Playlist Additions

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Home is the theme of this weeks playlist, since it is four homes we have looked at today. It is also the theme in celebration of Thanksgiving, because that is one of the most home and family oriented holidays. I also included a few versions of My Adobe Hacienda, while I couldn't find either version on YouTube, I found a few substitutes for you to enjoy in the video mix.

  • Home Singing In the Bathtub R. Crumb And The Cheap Suit Serenaders 4:11
  • My Adobe Hacienda Happy Trails: The Roy Rogers Collection 1937-1990 Roy Rogers & Dale Evans 2:12
  • This Old House Van Lear Rose  Loretta Lynn 1:56
  • Silent House Taking The Long Way Dixie Chicks 5:23
  • Home Up From Below Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 5:06
  • Home The OKeh, Columbia & RCA Victor Recordings Louis Armstrong 3:06
  • Adobe Hacienda 1996-Country Music Hall Of Fame Patsy Montana  1:58
  • Home En Concert [Live] Jack Johnson 3:18
  • Home Honeydew Shawn Mullins 3:07
  • Home Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow 4:50

Signing Off and Coming Attractions

As always, thanks for reading my blog. I hope you found something of value in it. Do you have an old house? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Tell us about it in the comments. Here's what is coming up on Old Highway Notes...

Next Week: Interstate 95 in Florida finds us coming up on another Spring Training ballpark in our series.
Two Weeks: Chicago, Illinois was the start of Route 66, It was also the start of a famous holiday celebrity. Read my post to find out who.
Three Weeks: We return to Old Town San Diego on old Highway 101 for Christmas festivities, we will also see how the rest of San Diego, California does Christmas.

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