Saturday, November 8, 2014

Interstate 95: Jupiter to Port St Lucie

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Returning to Interstate 95 we continue North. We seem to finally be hitting the edge of Miami sprawl as the highway enters more wide open country. We have a drive of  41 1/2 miles North to Port St Lucie, FL.

Part of what makes the drive we are making today such wide open country is that the highway North of Jupiter slices through the 11.500 acre Jonathon Dickinson State Park. Both a historic site, the place of Trapper Nelsons Zoo as well the home of the Elsa Kimbell Environmental Education and Research Center. The Center features several distinct natural habitats such as river swamp, mangrove forest , coastal pine scrub forest and pine flat woods further in.

There isn't much to talk about that we haven't covered so I will let these dash cam videos take you down the road before we look into music to accompany your trip. Video from

Playlist Additions

Since there isn't much to do on this leg of the journey lets look at cars, trucks, highways, and the radio. We'll do a pair of songs from each subject. Imagine 8 vehicles travelling North doing about 65 MPH and all in their own thoughts...

Signing Off And Coming Attractions

I know this was a bit of a slow week for stories, but don't give up there is plenty more to discover as we continue our journeys. Do you have a place along Interstate 95 that you want to make sure I do not miss? Tell me about it in the comments.

Next Week: A guest blogger will tell us about an important event in Chicago history from before Route 66 was built in Illinois.
Two Weeks: We will back in Old Town San Diego as we continue to explore this attraction located on the route of old Highway 101 in California.
Three Weeks: Will be in Port St. Lucie in Florida off of I-95. Likely we will be looking into holiday celebrations held in the area.

Mileage Stats

Route 66: 0 Miles/1 State/621 Tracks/141 Videos/26 Posts
Highway 101: 23  Miles/2 Countries/1 State/530 Tracks/237 Videos/24 Posts
Interstate 95: 118.5 Miles/1 State/57 Tracks/97 Videos/10 Posts
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